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Group Cruising
Let KBN Travel Plan Your Next Group Event on the Seas

Group Cruises are now becoming one of the most popular hassle-free vacation options for groups because you unpack once and the ship’s crew will do the rest. No shopping, no cooking no cleaning, no waiting in line, no rental cars no gas bills, no worries! From cleaning your cabin twice a day (including fresh towels), to 24-hour room service, it’s all included in your hassle-free vacation price!

Reduced Fares Fabulous Value and Amenities

Cruise fare includes accommodations, meals and activities on board the ship plus entertainment. By traveling in a group, cruise lines will apply group discounts, special rates or extras such as onboard credit, bottles of wine, fruit plates and snacks, soda packages, cocktail parties, complimentary specialty dining and more.

Every 16th passenger cruises for free: cruise lines will generally provide a cruise-only tour conductor credit (complimentary single berth, not cabin) for each 16 full fare passengers traveling together. The value of the berth is returned to the group leader after the group has sailed (in order t account for last minute cancellations). The amount of this tour conductor refund is based on the average cost of all staterooms booked for the group.

Multi-Interest Floating Resort

Today’s state-of-the-art cruise ships offer something for everyone regardless of their interest or personality. With rock climbing walls; ice-skating rinks; roller blade tracks; swimming pools; hot tubs; exercise facilities; movie theaters; Internet cafes; sport bars; libraries; video arcades; kid programs; spa services; shopping; gambling; cooking classes; enrichment seminars; guest lecturers; computer class; yoga and more, there is plenty to keep every member of the group entertained.

Accommodations for budget

Cruise ships have a number of different types of staterooms for any budget including Suites, Balcony Staterooms, Oceanview Staterooms, and Interior Cabins. 

Convenient Home Port Departures

A Group Cruise give out-of-towners a reason to attend. With cruise ships depart from 22 ports in the US and Canada, cruising has never been more convenient. Today, you can most likely find a cruise ship within driving distance of most US cities including Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Galveston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Seattle, to name a few.

Easily Customizable

Most special events and group activities can be arranged in advance. Set up private shore excursions, dinners, games, scavenger hunts- or even your destination wedding. Meeting rooms are generally free of charge. Enjoy private cocktail parties, coffee breaks and wine tastings. Additional costs may be involved, and will vary by cruise line.

Why book you group with KBN Travel?

Because you have done all the work bringing the group to us, we will give you the earned Tour Conductor Credits to do with as you want. If you are that “Tour Conductor” and would like to keep the earned credit for your own berth, it’s yours. If you would like to give this as an incentive for others to book into your group, it’s theirs. If this group is for a fundraiser, give the credit to the organization as extra funds earned outside of what you earn for each cabin after sailing.

We are there from beginning to end, working with you, the chosen Group Leader (yes, very superhero-like).

We are able to suggest the appropriate cruise line and itinerary for your needs. We are able to select a variety of stateroom types ranging from interior to suites, and make sure they are as close together (or far apart) as possible.

But, do remember with great power comes great responsibility. So, we have created a complete set of empowerment tools to ensure your group payments and group departure flow smoothly. Our goal was to create a group program that didn’t overwhelm the group leader with any accounting or administration processes.

  • A Facebook group page personalized exclusively to your group
  • Easy payment processing
  • Optional Automated trip Insurance processing
  • Online shore excursion information
  • Group hotel arrange if necessary

Group Cruise
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